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Know Your Finish Line

Once you’re wealthy, is there ever a reason to become unwealthy again? According to Datamonitor, millionaires in the U.S. lost $1.2 trillion in portfolio value of assets between 2007 and 2009. The U.S. lost over 4.5 million of affluent individuals. In other words, 4.5 million people who were considered affluent in 2007, were no longer

“I Enjoyed Being Shot”

On the outskirts of Bogota, Columbia stands a company whose mission is to keep you alive. They sell golf shirts, handmade suits, bedspreads and even Bibles, seems pretty unremarkable, but what makes this company unique is all these items are “bullet-proof.” Owner, Miguel Caballero, has more than two hundred employees, and all of them have

When the Right One Comes Along

Regret is a stern taskmaster.  It won’t let you rest. Thinking about what “coulda, woulda, shoulda” is like having a nagging pebble in your shoe.  Better to make decisions based on the best information you have at the time, leaving the door open to make greater decisions when greater information arrives. But sometimes our “old

Wisdom from the Cave

At ninety-three, Richard Zimmerman broke out of his nursing home and hitchhiked all the way back home.  He didn’t want what others wanted; he wanted less.  He needed less, and wouldn’t let anyone give him more.  At last, at the age of ninety-four, he laid his head down and died.  The way he wanted to,

Financial Advisor, M.D.

When was the last time you went to the doctor because you felt great? The impetus for making that appointment is usually preceded with discomfort, pain, or just a general sick feeling. Normalcy rarely creates action. Financial advisors and physicians are similar in this way. Both are usually on the receiving end of something gone

Planning, Pilots & Profits

The last few years have nothing short of amazing. So much had changed right before our eyes. The hubris that so often accompanied financial “experts” has finally lost some of its synthetic shine. The template financial approach is gone for good. The best advisors help you understand how to deal with uncertainty. An honest conversation

The Unintended Consequence

If you’re not from the South, that strange vine that seems to permeate every vacant space is called Kudzu (  Native to southern Japan and southeast China,  it was introduced into the US in 1876 to combat soil erosion.  If you drive across any southern state, the impact of Kudzu is painfully clear.   When it arrived in

Painting Your Picture

I read a loosely translated Japanese Proverb from the Zappos Twitter feed. It made me think about issues faced by many when it comes to financial planning. “Vision with execution is a daydream. Execution without vision is a nightmare.” This quote brings back memories of the international program I didn’t pursue in college, and the