An epiphany is generally associated with a type of awakening. An exact moment in time where everything we’ve held as true is proved false. It is the day we change.

“Shock” best describes the look I see on the faces of clients once they reach something I call “moniphany” (pronounced mo-ni-funny). This is the moment they understand the truth about money management, the truth about Wall Street, and why they shouldn’t defer their happiness another day.

Moniphany helps you realize chasing yield is a dead end street. It explains why over-investing is not always good (for you), and why exotic financial instruments are rarely for the wealthy.

The challenge is turning down the noise. It’s hard to ignore the advice from brokers and traditional wealth managers who look good while distributing toxic advice. However, many have escaped the financial factory and found their personal path. This path is where your dreams, passions and wealth become a team.

Once you find it, you’ve reached moniphany and nothing else will do. Former Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said it best, “Once the mind has been exposed to a bigger idea, it can never return to its original size.”

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