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The 16-year-old student was granted to a suspended prison sentence for the sentence of Hong Kong ID after his photo on his actual identifier was "too ugly." Fanling Court On Monday to prison, maybe for three months, but suspended this sentence for three years, after the police found a fake identifier at the continental student during the stop and search operation on August 19 last year. This fake ID he bought reading topfakeid review The persecution stated that Liu and two friends acted "suspiciously" outside the MTR MTR Tai Po station that evening when they were intercepted by officers. When Liu removed his real identifier from his wallet for the inspection of officers, the fake map fell to the ground. Corps, online learning The best list of student problems An forged element made with an inkjet printer gave the name of the student as Lau Chan, the Cantonese transliteration of his name and stated that he was 20-year-old adults, the court was told. The map also contained a picture of Liu, which he said was better to look. .