Investment PhilosophyRecurring Revenue Makes Work Optional

The Fundamentals of Our Investment Philosophy

We do not like to take unnecessary risks.

We believe in assets that generate income, have limited downside risk and have potential to appreciate. Our investment process is based on the following fundamental principles:

Long-term Focus
Our investment time horizon is long. We expect to hold our investments, provided the fundamentals remain the same. We are not speculators, and we also believe there is a time to take profits.

Recurring Revenue
Our investment goal is to replace the monthly paycheck. In other words, the goal is to have multiple sources of unrelated income to minimize the impact if one investment in the portfolio is not performing. Diversification of income streams is critical to our strategy.

Risk/Reward Criterion
Risk of loss is a critical component of our process. Our first question is always, “How does this investment fail?”

Independent Thinking
We don’t follow the crowd. Our process is often viewed as contrarian in our strategy and approach.

Focused but Flexible
Our mandate is to generate risk-adjusted cash flow. We focus on the fundamentals and adapt to opportunities as they present themselves.

We eat our own cooking
We invest your money the same way we invest our own money. We like cash flow, too!


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Know Your Story

Using our Blue Pages software, you’ll be able to develope your personal finance story, define your financial risks and create long-term goals.

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Define Your Goal

Whether maintaining independence or striving to achieve independence, the purpose of every portfolio is to be able to understand your personal finance story, better define your risk and establish goals that work for your future.

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Finalize Your Portfolio

Cultivate a portfolio containing multiple sources of unrelated, recurring revenue ensures a diversified mix of investments designed to help you endure nearly any market condition.