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Holcombe Financial is Fee-Only, Fiduciary, and Independent

As a “fee-only” financial planner, we are compensated solely through fees charged to our clients, as opposed to commission-based compensation or fees plus commissions.

The key difference between fee-only and other compensation models is that a fee-only advisor is not incentivized to sell financial products. Fee-only advisors are paid directly by their clients and thus avoid many of the conflicts that can get in the way of objective advice. The fee-only method of compensation is the most transparent and aligns the interests of the advisor and the clients.

We are a fiduciary to our clients. In a financial context, a fiduciary is someone who has a legal obligation to act in the best interests of their clients. They are required to put the interests of their clients ahead of their own and to provide impartial and unbiased advice.

We are independent. To make sure our clients always come first, we purposely stay small and invest aggressively in our people and technology to provide the best experience for our clients. Many advisors work for larger firms and sometimes have limitations. The only limit we have is what is in the best interest of the client.

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