Getting There from Here

The financial market is an aggregation of remote sectors acting as one. A synchronistic orchestra without a conductor.

But each sector has an inherent antagonism.  Kinda like the relationship with your sibling or best friend. Things can be great for long periods of time and then not so much. This reminds me of my favorite definition of risk: Anything Can Happen at Any Time for Any Reason.

This is exactly why formulating sound investment strategies before risking real cash is critical. Getting enthralled by a great company story, or the excitement of “getting in on the ground floor” rarely ends well. Just like a trip to New York from Atlanta works best when you don’t veer off course to Texas. Texas is great, but that isn’t where you were going. Get a solid plan and stick to it.

My clients’ wealth exposes them to multiple investment options. But the only way to reach their destination, wherever that may be, is to stick to the route we formed in calmer times. This prevents emotions from luring us off course. The richest distance between two points is a straight line.

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