Just Make an Incision!

Remember the commercial where a surgeon instructs his patient on how to operate on himself? The doctor is at the hospital and the patient is sitting at his kitchen table when the doctor says, “Just make an incision between the 2nd and 3rd vertebrae,” to which the patient responds, “Shouldn’t you be doing this?” I laughed out loud, but in reality, competency is rarely transferable.

The time and effort required to elevate your skill set to a place of market value is substantial. This makes it nearly impossible to waltz into other areas of high-skill with ease. This is a good thing. No one wants to operate on themselves.

Where’s the MoJo?

Ask yourself a couple of questions: Do you have the skill to discern if the investment advice given to you is best? Can you pick the right advisor for your circumstances? There may be fifty doctors in your town, but only one who’s right for you. One that will listen to your concerns and provide individual care, versus a cattle approach. Financial advisors are no different. Even in the absence of specialized financial education, you’ll know when something is right and when it’s not. Don’t underestimate the accuracy of your intuition.

Take time to identify which advisor is best for your situation, your family and your future.

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