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A lot has happened in the three months here at Holcombe Financial. We had a wonderful turnout for our open house. We welcomed Marcia Mayoue to the firm and at the same time showed off our new office.

Today we are launching our Only Get Rich Once blog as a thoughtful resource for all who desire to break away from the financial planning trap. Traditional financial planning has become a prediction-based model with no relevance to reality. Relying on forecasts to maintain financial independence is a very dangerous course.

Projection based financial plans, market crashes, and financial engineering have caused the premature deletion of wealth. Only after losing millions have many questioned – Why? They had already won the financial independence race, why were they still running? This blog will give you a voice to those un-common sense thoughts you’ve had for years but lacked the words to express to your adviser. This blog is designed to make sure you only have to get rich once.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is that financial suicides are highly-preventable. But while there is more information available today the ever before, thoughtful insight for the wealthy is rare. Join me on a journey to free wealthy clients from the tyranny of the wealth management process. It will be serious, funny and even self-deprecating at times, but always from heart. A more expanded version of my thoughts will be published January 2012 in my new book, You Should Only Have to Get Rich Once: How to Avoid Toxic Financial Advice and Focus On What Really Matters. (Train whistle) Welcome Aboard!

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