Crisis Causes Clarity

It’s the morning of April 10, 1912. You and your family are preparing to enjoy a great breakfast and then take in panoramic views of the Atlantic. There’s nothing more enjoyable than a family cruise. Rest and relaxation. This is the life. There’s only one problem; the ship you’re on is called the Titanic.

Less than 5 days later, total panic will break out as the ship that could never sink begins to do just that. On board with you are valuable items, money, jewels, stock certificates, and even family heirlooms brought along to show friends. When the ship hits that fatal iceberg and you’re told to evacuate, what do you think will be most important to you?

Crisis causes clarity. The key is to function with this clarity before a crisis happens. I often sit with wealthy clients seeking to refocus their energy towards things that really matter. The same things that would have mattered to you on April 15, 1912 when the ship sank. Everything else is second.

Every so often it’s not a bad idea to focus like you’re in a crisis while just sitting at home in peace. You may find many things currently claiming your time and energy wouldn’t have made the priority list that day. The trick is to concentrate on what really matters before we’re forced to.

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