Looks Like Trouble – Tax preparers face a roster of issues going into the 2014 filing season

The delayed start to the filing season, taxpayers’ confusion regarding the implications of the Affordable Care Act, uncertainty over the continuation into 2014 of a number of expiring provisions, the reintroduction of personal exemption phase-outs and Pease limitations on itemized deductions for high-income earners, and the Supreme Court decision on the Defense of Marriage Act are just a few of the issues that will impact practitioners as they gear up for the 2014 filing season.

5 Counterintuitive Financial Tips That Work

Russell Holcombe, a certified financial planner based in Atlanta, says he’s tired of constantly warning clients against making bad money choices. Part of the problem, he says, is that popular financial advice is often wrong. That’s why he finds himself urging people to rethink purchasing houses that would max out their budgets, or putting so

3 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know To Be Successful

At its core, an entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator of new ideas who takes on considerable financial risks to start a business. They are full of energy and have an intoxicating and contagious positive attitude. They work day and night to make their idea, invention or company a success. The fact is, success

4 Suggestions to Keep Success Rolling

I have been very fortunate to work with entrepreneurs over the last 20 years. The energy, enthusiasm and inspiration is intoxicating. Just last week, I was coaching a group of new startups and they make it seem so easy. One lady in the group started a branding business in her basement less than three years

Surviving the F-Word

The reality of entrepreneurship is not success, but failure. The majority of small businesses don’t make it past the first five years and most entrepreneurs must proceed with their career working for someone else. Having witnessed more failures than I care to remember, my suggestion is not to give up, instead incorporate some helpful principles

Having Cash Reserves Key to Surviving Bad Things

Entrepreneur’s have a highly contagious, optimistic outlook on their business, product or idea. But too many lose respect for the probability of failure and the fact that the odds of success are stacked against them. Only 35% of new businesses in the United States make it past the five year mark and it is estimated that fewer

Avoiding Financial Pitfalls as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have an intoxicating and contagious attitude, full of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration. Where one sees a desert, an entrepreneur envisions a city, viewing things not as they are, but as they could be. They live and breathe their company and work unbelievably hard to be successful. Sadly enough, research shows that only 35% of

Planifier sa retraite, une perte de temps ?

Alors que les compagnies financières martèlent sans relâche les avantages de la planification de la retraite, Rusty Holcombe, PDG d’Holcombe Financial et auteur, affirme que cet exercice est une perte de temps. Pour comprendre la position de M. Holcombe, il faut se dire que la mise en place d’un plan de retraite nécessite de faire une

Read Across America Day 2013

Each year National Educator Association (NEA) sponsors Read Across America Day in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday. This year’s Read Across America Day is tomorrow, March 1. All around the country libraries, schools, and book shops will be hosting special events to encourage a life-long love of reading in our children. Kids will be making Cat in the

When Good Tax Planning and Good Financial Planning Collide

Fresh from year-end tax planning meetings with clients, we’ve identified four areas where great tax planning and great financial planning collide, specifically for people accumulating wealth. Many rely 100 percent on their wages to fund their lifestyle, and are at their peak spending years. They have not built enough wealth for work to be optional