The Solution Problem

Nobody would buy a solution to a problem they don’t have. Unfortunately, business is marketing. The pharmaceutical industry and the financial factory have plenty in common. They create ailments and then the products to solve the problems. When did Restless Leg Syndrome all of a sudden require medication? Steven Wholoshin and Lisa Schwartz, two Dartmouth researchers, examined the issue in their report “Giving Legs to Restless Legs: A Case Study on How the Media Helps Make People Sick.” You make up a disorder, give it a memorable name and you have drug sales.

Unfortunately, the financial factory follows a very similar model. They create a product designed to solve a problem that does not exist. They jump right into the features and benefits (e.g., safety and profits) without ever taking the time to figure out if you have a need at all. Before investing a dime, always make sure you focus on need.

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