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The Finish Line

None of us are so talented that we don’t need help. Maybe that’s why the below video tugs on me so. Click to watch. It’s interesting to note a few things. Both runners are in shape, both have run this track probably hundreds of times, yet it wasn’t enough. At the moment of completion

Wisdom from the Cave

At ninety-three, Richard Zimmerman broke out of his nursing home and hitchhiked all the way back home.  He didn’t want what others wanted; he wanted less.  He needed less, and wouldn’t let anyone give him more.  At last, at the age of ninety-four, he laid his head down and died.  The way he wanted to,

A Rational Veneer

We are moving our office and I’m in the market for a new flat screen television for our conference room. The choices are numbing. A decision that should be fun has become painful.  So I looked for a website to help me make the “perfect choice.”  After answering more than 30 questions on how I plan to