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Shooting a Fly with a Shotgun

Once success happens you can no longer say, “I will continue my life now as it was before.” Tennessee Williams in his masterpiece, “The Catastrophe of Success,” lays out a manifesto for the wealthy. His writing is neither flattery of wealth nor demeaning of the trappings that follow. Instead, he points to the mindset that

The Finish Line

None of us are so talented that we don’t need help. Maybe that’s why the below video tugs on me so. Click to watch. It’s interesting to note a few things. Both runners are in shape, both have run this track probably hundreds of times, yet it wasn’t enough. At the moment of completion

Financial Physics – Part IV

The Safety Net As mentioned in Part III, either we reinvent old ideas (Madonna) or come up with brand new ones. Either way, the market requires we constantly adjust. In this our last installment of financial physics let’s discuss the importance of preparing for change, especially the change you don’t want to happen. I hate

Financial Physics – Part III

15% profitability is your breakeven Why do businesses need a profit? To stay in business! Profits are used to expand, to invest in new ideas, to replace old equipment, and to hire new employees. Businesses that succeed reinvest and reinvent themselves because the world is always changing. If they don’t adapt, the business will fail.

Controlling the Uncontrollable

When you really think about it, the only thing absolutely outside of our control or influence is the weather. The weather does whatever it wants to do, whenever it wants to do it. All we can do is respond – but is this really all? In his forthcoming book entitled, “Why Not You?”, author Rich

Dallas to Flagstaff

 “What’s that noise?”   “Not sure, heard it over Dallas but then it went silent again.” Taylor and co-pilot Billy Short where headed to Flagstaff Arizona, 257 passengers on board and a plane full of fuel.  An inconvenient noise became an in-flight emergency.  “(Master Warning Chime) We have an in-flight emergency – need clearance to land

The Certainty of Uncertainty

In response to PepsiCo announcing they will cut 8,700 jobs in 2012, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi said the following, “When the only certainty is uncertainty the whole guidance thing becomes a challenge.” Nooyi continued, “This will be a transitional year…anything you do in short-term just to meet short-term guidance would be detrimental to the company


Bricolage is a French word every financial planner should be familiar with. The core meaning of the word is to be creative and resourceful with whatever materials at hand regardless of their original purpose. To be able to adjust and innovate in real time. Musicians call it “playing by ear.” A chef uses bricolage in