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What Matters Most

Everything can matter, but everything can’t matter most. In the 1950’s, large US defense projects required a high-level of prioritizing. Contractors had to identify exactly which portions of a project were systems critical in order to reach the end objective. Out of this need was born a process we now know as Critical Path Method

Danger in Perfection

Trey Junkin, center for the New York Giants, fumbled the snap making an easy field goal impossible for the kicker, which cost his team the 2003 NFC championship – and maybe the Super Bowl.   In a report for the San Francisco Chronicle he said,  “I tried to make a perfect snap when all I needed to

Seduced by Homo Fictus

We are addicted to stories. Stories are so fast they can outrun reality. Even in our sleep we tell ourselves stories. The term “Homo Fictus” explains it best. This is the name given by Jonathan Gosthaldt in his book The Storytelling Animal, explaining how humans are simply primates trapped in Neverland. Our minds will travel


You don’t need a parachute to skydive; you only need a parachute if you plan to skydive twice. Likewise, you don’t need a good financial plan, you only need a good one if you plan to keep your wealth. Wall Street can create statistical “white noise” that makes everything so complicated, when in reality, wealth

Gravel Roads and Beer

Particularly peaceful about my recent trip to South Dakota was the absence of modernity. It felt like I stepped back into the days of settlers crossing the plains in covered wagons carring everything they owned. I, like you, am so connected to everybody and everything around me from a technology standpoint. The constant flow of

Intelligent Error

There are distinctive patterns in the errors people make. The reasons for this are many. Daniel Kahneman in his excellent work “Think Fast and Slow,” takes his reader down a thoughtful path to uncover how and why we make decisions – how and why we make the same mistakes over and over again. Kahneman explains