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Unexpected Turbulence

Turbulence, like trouble, usually arrives unexpected. So I’m writing this blog 35,000 feet in the air on my way to Panama. The takeoff was effortless, didn’t feel a bump. Now I’m wondering if she’s a great pilot or whether the circumstances just perfect?   I would imagine the answer to both questions is yes, granted, saying

Avoiding Average

For the typical financial plan to be successful, you have to be average.  Your level of “averageness” creates  a profitable demographic in a nice, organized bell curve.  The traditional financial planning industry feeds on this demographic like carcasses on the discovery channel.  As long as you aren’t great, as long as you have the same


Debt and steroids are great – in the right situation. Responsible, well-managed, creative debt can catapult a business into great success. An asthmatic who’s just suffered an attack hears music when the doctor orders him a steroid called Prednisone. But drugs and debt are meant to alleviate a temporary situation. They are meant to be