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Wisdom from the Cave

At ninety-three, Richard Zimmerman broke out of his nursing home and hitchhiked all the way back home.  He didn’t want what others wanted; he wanted less.  He needed less, and wouldn’t let anyone give him more.  At last, at the age of ninety-four, he laid his head down and died.  The way he wanted to,

Planning, Pilots & Profits

The last few years have nothing short of amazing. So much had changed right before our eyes. The hubris that so often accompanied financial “experts” has finally lost some of its synthetic shine. The template financial approach is gone for good. The best advisors help you understand how to deal with uncertainty. An honest conversation

Painting Your Picture

I read a loosely translated Japanese Proverb from the Zappos Twitter feed. It made me think about issues faced by many when it comes to financial planning. “Vision with execution is a daydream. Execution without vision is a nightmare.” This quote brings back memories of the international program I didn’t pursue in college, and the

Cloudy with a Chance of Profit

The weather is actually a perfect metaphor. The financial markets operate with absolute autonomy. Predictions have no bearing on what will occur. It will rain when it rains, it will stop when it stops. The market is a living breathing organism. The most educated meteorologist using the most robust technology is no match for the

69 Days, 33 Miners, 1 Cave

The excavation of 33 miners from a Chilean cave will go down as an amazing feat. Never before have so many miners been trapped for so long and survive. One cannot avoid the obvious questions. How did these men do it? How did they maintain physical and emotional equilibrium? The answer is profoundly simple, proper

Crisis Causes Clarity

It’s the morning of April 10, 1912. You and your family are preparing to enjoy a great breakfast and then take in panoramic views of the Atlantic. There’s nothing more enjoyable than a family cruise. Rest and relaxation. This is the life. There’s only one problem; the ship you’re on is called the Titanic. Less


An epiphany is generally associated with a type of awakening. An exact moment in time where everything we’ve held as true is proved false. It is the day we change. “Shock” best describes the look I see on the faces of clients once they reach something I call “moniphany” (pronounced mo-ni-funny). This is the moment

Getting There from Here

The financial market is an aggregation of remote sectors acting as one. A synchronistic orchestra without a conductor. But each sector has an inherent antagonism.  Kinda like the relationship with your sibling or best friend. Things can be great for long periods of time and then not so much. This reminds me of my favorite