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Just Make an Incision!

Remember the commercial where a surgeon instructs his patient on how to operate on himself? The doctor is at the hospital and the patient is sitting at his kitchen table when the doctor says, “Just make an incision between the 2nd and 3rd vertebrae,” to which the patient responds, “Shouldn’t you be doing this?” I

The Power of Financial Redundancy

In my upcoming book, You Should Only Have to Get Rich Once, we detail why flying represents the ultimate form of trust. Each time we taxi down a runway we hope the pilots and mechanics did their jobs. Our life depends on it. But we’re all human and mistakes happen regardless of preparation. That’s why

Forget the Birds in the Bush

Having too many choices can create misery. Unless you learn to limit your choices, you risk watering down the concrete for the possible. Closing the door on a choice is one of the hardest emotional decisions we encounter as human beings. We just don’t like to give up our options. This is the reason why

Success Is 90% Planning, 10% Execution

I recently had lunch with a friend of mine who owns a very successful home improvement business. I heard wonderful things about his process and was curious to find out more. My challenge: I have a rough idea of the desired outcome but difficulty putting it into words. In reality, I just was not sure

Making Your Map Your Experience

Geography is where something is located; topography is what it’s like when you get there. Rarely does something turn out the way we envision. Humans generally default at more optimistic assumptions. We believe our portfolio will grow, our marriage will work and our children will obey. But once we get to where we’re going, the