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Focus on the Right Emotion

Emotion is a powerful driver of behavior. In The Happiness Hypothesis, Jonathan Haidt discusses the relationship between logic and emotion. Logic is the rider on the elephant and your emotion is the elephant. Others call it the rational mind versus the emotional mind. Think about the last time you thought about the 10 lbs you

Take the Loss

Golf is a very frustrating sport where form and concentration yield good results, but perfection is impossible.   People have spent billions to improve their game.  Part of the improvement process includes things like videos so you can actually see how you look from the outside looking in.  Improvement almost always begins by stopping something that is

Crisis Causes Clarity

It’s the morning of April 10, 1912. You and your family are preparing to enjoy a great breakfast and then take in panoramic views of the Atlantic. There’s nothing more enjoyable than a family cruise. Rest and relaxation. This is the life. There’s only one problem; the ship you’re on is called the Titanic. Less

The Consumption Rat Race

Consumption of material items as a source of happiness highlights a problem.  We all remember the smell of the new car we purchased.  How long did it last?  At most maybe a month before our body and mind adapted to our new situation.  However, do you remember the trip you took with the family 5

A Rational Veneer

We are moving our office and I’m in the market for a new flat screen television for our conference room. The choices are numbing. A decision that should be fun has become painful.  So I looked for a website to help me make the “perfect choice.”  After answering more than 30 questions on how I plan to

Getting There from Here

The financial market is an aggregation of remote sectors acting as one. A synchronistic orchestra without a conductor. But each sector has an inherent antagonism.  Kinda like the relationship with your sibling or best friend. Things can be great for long periods of time and then not so much. This reminds me of my favorite

Forget the Birds in the Bush

Having too many choices can create misery. Unless you learn to limit your choices, you risk watering down the concrete for the possible. Closing the door on a choice is one of the hardest emotional decisions we encounter as human beings. We just don’t like to give up our options. This is the reason why

The Solution Problem

Nobody would buy a solution to a problem they don’t have. Unfortunately, business is marketing. The pharmaceutical industry and the financial factory have plenty in common. They create ailments and then the products to solve the problems. When did Restless Leg Syndrome all of a sudden require medication? Steven Wholoshin and Lisa Schwartz, two Dartmouth